About Us

The Waddington family have 8 generations of fairground experience. It started in the early 1800’s with John Walter Waddington who was the first man in Yorkshire to operate a ride – It was called ‘Cocks & Racing Birds.’ Therefore he was given the name of ‘Cock Waddington’

The Waddington family have continued traveling with fairs ever since, with such members as John Willy, Fred, Percey, Harold & Nellie, right up to the modern day where Marshall Waddington Senior was the Chairman of the Yorkshire Section of the Showman’s Guild & also the national President of the Showman’s Guild 1977-79. He was married to Rosemary & had 5 children; 4 girls & a boy (also called Marshall)
Marshall who was also the chairman of the Yorkshire Section of the Showman’s Guild now runs the family business with his wife Maxine & his 3 sons, Max, Jason, Marshall jnr, & daughter Kelly. The family also operate a showman’s winter site in East Bowling, Bradford, which is available for Guild members for summer & winter parking.